Scarica «Napoli in poche parole, notiziario sintetico utile pratico»

Perfume, but above idea

Acqua Classica di Napoli …The dream…

Acqua Classica di Napoli has a story, a typical peculiarity and owns the warmth of the "hand-made", giving the opportunity of a different purchase. For someone, it represents a one-time experience.

A packaging characterized by "poor" materials, the care in distribution and the hand-crafted creation of every single bottle, make this perfume an exclusive product, in a context of scents as standardized merchandise.

Acqua Classica di Napoli is more than a perfume… it's an idea

The coarse and minimalist box exalts the Zama Coin offering the view of a breathtaking landscape.

The two Coins (one removable and reusable), the numbering of every single bottle and the change of refilling, make it a precious and fancy present.

The bottle, elegant and with high bottom and smoothed angles, gives also the opportunity of using or not the natural spray.

Sight …touch …olfaction …everything becomes a unique multisensorial experience